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Zaiko is a platform where you can create your original tickets automatically.

Over 15,000 events/live streaming held

*As of January 2022

More than 6,000 artists and creators are using our services, including artists, production companies, events, sports, games, theater, and business.








Customize the ticketing type to fit your event

The Zaiko ticketing system can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the needs of organizers.

Online/Offline ticketing
Ticket Transfer
Automatic Seating Numbers
Fan Club API Integration
Free Tickets
Merchandise Upsell
Members-only Tickets
Group Ticket Discounts
Lottery Tickets
Multilingual Support

Create Your Original Ticketing Website Easily

Set up the ticket sales page while keeping the event or artist concept
Original ticket sales pages can be embedded in various places such as official websites, SNS, fan clubs, etc.

Payment Methods Available

Multi-currency payments available. Overseas sales are also supported.

Purchaser Data and Mailing Function

  • Ticket sales and purchaser data (gender, age, region, etc) can be checked from the admin page
  • Directly send emails to the ticket purchasers regarding latest information such as upcoming events

Direct 2 Fan

Zaiko supports creator earnings with various products and services

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