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As a new feature, we have added a unique fan-only subscription to the ZAIKO platform, which allows ticket sales specialized for artist (organizer) branding. A flat-rate subscription service has opened under the original name, live video and special video content delivered in the past to users who became members will be released, and it will be possible to monetize immediately!

What you can do with Zaiko Labo

Zaiko's in-house developed platform connects artists (organizers) and fans closer and directly.

Publish as much video content as you like
Set your own subscription fee
Subscription setup within 72 hours
Subscription revenue is returned to the creator (organizer) at a high interest rate
You can also hold a live stream exclusively for Zaiko Labo members

All-You-Can-Watch Video and Members-only Benefits

Extended Archives

Exclusive streaming settings for members

Past Streams

Re-released Shows

Exclusive Videos

Special content available

Members-only Benefits

Discounts / Tickets / Merchandise / Blog

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, if there is video content that can be uploaded and member benefits. Please feel free to contact us first.

A: Yes you can! It can be opened in all genres such as theater, comedy, rakugo, voice actors, anime, movies, sports, lectures, publications, authors, talk shows, and online salons.

A: You can earn profits at high interest rates.<br>* Self-service operation (DIY platform) returns operating costs to artists (organizers). It has a simple and easy-to-understand UI / UX and is easy to use.

A: Absolutely! Enjoy member-only benefits from anywhere!

Deliver video content and exclusive benefits directly from creator to fans!

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