Empower Creators


We care about creators succeeding on their terms


We get creators paid so they can focus on creating


We are D2F (direct to fan), we connect creators to fans

Who Are These Creators?

Anyone creating Art, Music, Visual, Sports, Events. Everyone has the potential to be a creator.

How Does It Work?

Zaiko gives creators the tools they need to build their career

Zaiko provides all the cutting edge technologies a creator can dream up

Zaiko gives creators real access to their fan-base worldwide

Zaiko de-risks events so creators can focus on their art

The Zaiko platform is open, providing partners and developers the core building blocks to build out new creator services atop Zaiko

Zaiko has led consumer behavior shifts with our technology

When a creator builds on Zaiko, they build their own brand. They own the innovation

The ecosystem Zaiko aims to create

Zaiko is developing a wide range of products and services in areas such as digital events, video distribution, data analytics, and NFT based on the concept of a platform where creators and fans can directly connect (Direct to Fan, or a D2F model).

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Our Values


Zaiko is a never-before-seen platform. It is a 100% original technology born in Japan that is always evolving. Zaiko embraces change and is not scared to experiment, even if something does not work out. At Zaiko, mistakes are simply a step in the learning process as we push towards setting a new standard for the entire industry.


Everyone at Zaiko always gives their best effort. Our team is made up of experts and superstars with the ability to do anything. At the same time, nothing is passed off, and every job is worthy of our attention. We trust each other to do our very best and when everyone is working hard, teamwork is easy.


Zaiko is a diverse company. An excellent organization requires all types of opinions, working styles, and talents. Zaiko works with everyone regardless of nationality, race, religion, size, ability, or identity. We also recognize that encouraging employee diversity is difficult and does not happen by accident - it takes effort and commitment.

Management Team

Malek Masser

Founder & CEO

Takahisa Ueshima


Joshua Barry


Andrew Winter


Robert Early


Henry Seals


Akio Tanaka

Partner, Headline Asia

Sasa Vucinic

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, North Base Media

Company Overview

Name of Company ZAIKO株式会社
Business Address 2-13-6 Nishiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo, Ks Nishiazabu 5F 106-0031
Established 2019/1/11
Representatives Malek Nasser, CEO
Capital JPY 399,900,000 (as of November 1, 2021)
Shareholders North Base Media
Headline Asia
Monex Ventures
CHET Group
Business Description Zaiko is developing a wide range of products and services, in areas such as digital events, video distribution, data analytics and NFTs. They are all based on the concept of a platform where creators and can directly connect (D2F, or direct to fan, model).

Interested in Working at Zaiko?

While based in Tokyo, Zaiko boasts a team of diverse and unique members from around the world. Our team includes individuals from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Canada, the United States, Peru, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Australia. This wealth of perspective allows Zaiko to approach each problem through a fresh lens, drawing from all of our unique experiences.

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